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janice gant wrote on July 10, 2009
rebecka wrote on July 09, 2009
I'm new to the body of Christ and i just want to let you know that i find this station to be very inspirational. God bless everyone.
keijo wrote on July 08, 2009
Thanks we will go an and see glory of God today in faith and trust in him and be big in deeds of Christ and joy for today the gospel will win many to salvation and give better future to lost in Christ,thanks and bless and pray for the Scandinavien ;keijo sweden
RoyaltyisMe wrote on June 30, 2009
Thank God for you all. Love to listen while at work. You are truly a blessing.
Melba Cruesoe wrote on June 27, 2009
Praise God, I thank God for a 4 Real Gospel radio show. Nothing secular about it. God Bless all that are apart of Gospel Impact Radio.
Michelle Evans wrote on June 24, 2009
I truly enjoyed the music that was played. I tuned in to hear my nice Apostile Sharice host of Soul Food. I only heard music. I thought I would hear her speak also. I can only listen online because I live in Marietta, Ga. I am not even sure if I was listening to the Soul Food segment. Please tell me if the online broadcast is live?
Playwright Terrence Miller wrote on June 24, 2009
Great Look Shawn! You've motivated me to do something with TruLife's, God Bless
Marander wrote on June 24, 2009
Thanks for giving me constant entertainment while I'm at work. Can't wait until Gospel Impact is on the radio. Continue to Be Blessed and a Blessing to others.
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