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Michelle Windle wrote on July 08, 2014
Great station keep up the Great work Shawn Manuel!
Diana LaFleur wrote on May 15, 2014
enjoy the show, but when one is listening live and clicks on a menu item the original page changes. suggestion: let menu items open in a new window and one can still listen to the show. thank you, really enjoying the show!!!
Renew'd Mindz wrote on April 27, 2014
It was a honor to meet with you last night I look forward to building with you the single off my album is number 6 Dear God please feel free to spin it & reach out my cell 240-217-3508.
keijo wrote on April 21, 2014
God is good over me too here with a familys and alot grand childrens blessing and be so rich to joy of that gift in many time and my big love are the Lord and his salvation with blood and so much sorrow brings here that false doctrine who will not confess Jesus blood in salvation and I has fight so many year against that bad deception here ,so help you too and pray,thanks and bless and hope,keijo sweden
Minister Anita Shell wrote on April 21, 2014
Thank God I found this app! Bless you all
Denise Nolan wrote on April 15, 2014
Thank you to all of our listeners and supporters! We love you! Shout out to Kansas thank you for tuning in.
Denise Nolan wrote on April 15, 2014
Hey Roslyn thank you so much for tuning in. May God continue to bless you and your family! Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers. I love what I do and your the best stay encouraged.
Attorney Mark A. Dupree, Sr. wrote on April 08, 2014
Your music and shows keeps me motivated and inspired through out the day. It helps me to help my clients, who are always encouraged when they hear your music in my Law Office. Be Blessed, and keep being a Blessing to Kansas and the rest of the World.
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