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DONNA BEAUFORD-MORGAN wrote on July 01, 2010
i enjoy the gospel music now i know doing the day while i studying for my state board i dont have to turn on the TV... I NOW CAN ENJOY THE GOSPEL MUSIC KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP THANK YOU AGAIN DONNA MORGAN FROM ATL,GA
Dwayne LEE JR wrote on June 27, 2010
Hi SISTA SHAWN this is your son dj. I just stop by to tell you and the world, how you are doing a great job of impacting the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Word of god. i just want you to know I look up to you mom. You are my everything I thank God for you and Brittany my sister. MAMA keep doing what your doing you will always have my support and God is going to keep blessing you don't worry about the snake. God will keep the grass cut love you MAMA
Beverly Rogers wrote on June 10, 2010
How are you today? Just want you to know that I was just intruduced to the station. I love what I'm hearing. I have been listening at work and have been just blessed tremendously. I cannot get my windows media to play at home. My 16, 14,12 & 8 year old need to hear this station. I live in Raleigh, NC and the the light103.9. have nothing on you. May God's choice blessings be yours.
Nathalie wrote on June 03, 2010
I live in south of France and with the time change, I listen everyday to the sweathearts of GI. Thank you so much for your joy and laughter. It's great to start my days with you. God continues to bless you abundantly.
Latrisha Palmer wrote on June 02, 2010
I want to thank you for finally getting a radio station going where people don't have to listen to all that other music. i can go through the whole day listening to your music. It's truly gods blessing for your station. The music is an inspiration to my heart. May God bless you in all you do
Word Life Cafe wrote on May 30, 2010
Gospel Impact Radio, Stand up! Just want to thank you all for allowing us to advertise on Friday helping us to get the word out there about our venue in Baltimore, MD. Keep it going! Peace!
Sheila Deary wrote on May 20, 2010
You are my favorite out of all online radio You all are the best ever!!!!
Prophetess Nancy M. Sellers O'Bryan wrote on May 19, 2010
You are so awesome Shawn.. God Bless this radio Station to the utmost!! Thank you for every opportunity that I will have on this station.. God Bless you real good!!!
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