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Jonathan Johnson wrote on July 28, 2010
This station has been a blessing to me, since i found out about this station for the past 3 months now i've been having a great time with you guys i love the songs you play and the messages too. My prayer for you is that this station continue to grow and make impact in lives. I listen to this station everyday at work and at home in the night, am writing from The Gambia, West Africa.
C. R. wrote on July 27, 2010
I Love this station!!! Today I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the Lavon Bridgers Show. By the way Forgive my English, my 1st langage is French. I Live in Montréal Canada. And your show energizes me while at work. It is a blessing I can't wait to receve whn i get in to mY office. The best part is I am even more productive because the show gives me an added boost after my personal Time at Home with the Lord. Many, many, blessings to you.  C. R. 
Demaries wrote on July 26, 2010
Hi, GI!
Michelle wrote on July 26, 2010
From Memphis, Tennessee...this station has been a true blessing for me daily, getting me through the pressures of the day. I have been listening faithfully for about six months now, great station! Gospel Impact Radio has become highly recommended!
Blessing ! wrote on July 18, 2010
From Stockholm-Sweden Carl-Henrik Caldaras
Vanrita wrote on July 05, 2010
Vanrita wrote on July 05, 2010
Hi Sis Shawn, This is Vanrita from the bahamas i called your request line a week ago still have you lock in. Being bless by all the gospel hits. Can you give a shout out to all the Save-A-lot down here in Abaco. Have a Bless day!!! Thanks
Ed Welch wrote on July 02, 2010
God bless you for having a site like this! I pray you keep going and God blesses all that you have set your hands to do for His glory. God Bless!
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