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Rhonda Litt wrote on August 09, 2010
This is my first day listening and I am so excited about this station. Thank you for your efforts and I will encourage others in Louisiana to listen and support.
Kyla wrote on August 09, 2010
Just found your radio station last Friday. We don't have any gospel stations up here in Anchorage Alaska. Listening to your radio station while I'm at work...helps me to stay focused on the one True God all day. Thank you for reaching all the way up here!
Vanrita wrote on August 09, 2010
Hi Sis Shawn, We have you lock in down here in the Bahamas at Save-A-Lot working hard in the office we are tuned right in everyday, enjoying all the spiritual uplifting music we really appreciate you and your station. God bless!!!
Abraham Ochieng wrote on August 09, 2010
I tuned in today and i love it already. God bless GI. AO
Gabrielle Hills wrote on August 07, 2010
Bless god for Gospel impact radio.i have only listened a few times but the wisdom and spiritual food brought fourth threw the music and spoken word is life changing. Bro longs ministry spoke me tonight keep up the awesome work!!!
Ms. Nina D. Jennings wrote on August 05, 2010
Enjoying the radio station
Jennifer Robinson wrote on August 05, 2010
Yesterday was my 1st visit on Gospel Impact - I love this station. Listening while working away - nice compliment to my day!! All Smiles From Bermuda.
Audrey wrote on August 05, 2010
Day by day my soul is fed with the righ food,i listen to impact radio while at work,you make my day!i listen from South Africa,though the reception is not perfect,i dont know what could be the cause to that,u are a true blessing to the whole body of christ.
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