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Evangelist Deborah wrote on November 05, 2010
I.ll call my comment theme ''A LUNCHING OF A PRESIDENT IN PUBLIC". I am listening to crown fanancial, and they or their guest is claming good news for the economy. My question, where did all the expert came from all of a sudden. Did Bush did not run the Country for eight years, and is it not the same people who are being put back into power. May I go on, but I will say this a country never gets a government they don't deserve. PLEASE FORWARD TO CROWN FINANCIAL.
Benson Dawkins III wrote on November 03, 2010
Hello: Relatively new listener. Like your selection of songs. Sincerely, Benson Dawkins III
MAXIMO FREDERICO wrote on October 28, 2010
Estou ouvindo a radio aqui no BRAZIL,que Deus em Cristo Jesus possa abençoar toda a equipe . Sou evangélico e obreiro na minha igreja (Igreja Evangelica Shalom)em Belo Horizonte ,Minas Gerais,orem pela minha familia para que a salvaçao tambem possa alcançalos,sou brasileiro que Deus possa abençoar toda a america que tanto contribui para a pregaçao do evangelho em todo o mundo,toquem as musicas do Diante do Trono,Ana Paula Valadão.OBRIGADO!!!
Kanu, Onyekachi S. (Upwardonly) wrote on October 22, 2010
Hello, Keep up the spirit. Good job you are doing. God bless you
Prophetess Marilyn Shaw wrote on October 20, 2010
I'm glad to have the opportunity to listen and view Gospel Impact Radio. It's certainly good to see you have much to offer to the radio community. Be Blessed, M. Shaw
Fredrika Clayton wrote on October 15, 2010
This is my first time listing to G-I Radio today. I will be a loyal listener.
Fatou wrote on October 15, 2010
Good afternoon, I am writing from Ottawa in Canada. I just wanted to let you know that I am so glad that God gave you the opportunity to talk about him and to share his love. I have been listening to you since 1:00 pm today, but I am doing my best to listen to Gospel Radio whenever I am at work. May God continue to bless you all and thank you for sharing such a good music. Sorry for the mistakes, my first language is French. :-)
Craig Edelmann wrote on October 15, 2010
I come here for a diet of the renowned MalaniKai. She offers so much intellectually, politically and socially. Her high moral character comes through with such exuberance and passion that s.he draws one in like a magnet. She is controversial because she calls them like she sees them. Thank you for her show. I have been a fan of hers for a few years now and look forward to listening more in the future. Blessings Evang. Craig P. Edelmann
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