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George Moses Obor wrote on September 16, 2011
Hi People, I thank God for all the good work, especially the unprecedented gospel music mix that is unparalleled to no other. I live in Sweden scandinavia and has had the privillage of being able to tune in. The US gospel music mix makes it prefareable to the UK! MAY GOD continue to bless you all and the music mix that you air out. It has been so uplifting. Will be donating at a later date.
David Abraham wrote on August 27, 2011
Amazing to find such a wonderful station! Hope I can listen in India too...
Niketah wrote on August 23, 2011
Introduced to this station last week andI can't get enough. Thanks for this... I love it!
Denise wrote on August 21, 2011
Wonderful blessed station. My first time listening. May God continue to bless. When you have a chance, visit ------ a gospel music ministry located in Columbia SC. Be Blessed!!
Hester wrote on August 19, 2011
In awe of that asnwer! Really cool!
Molissa Ross wrote on August 13, 2011
I rellay love this station! I have been truely blessed from listening to your station. I am a new FAN!:)
Annette Jones wrote on August 12, 2011
I love this,just what I've been needing in my life, Gospel Impact Radio is what the world need today.....God Bless:)
keith wrote on August 12, 2011
Praise the LORD everybody, Today is a GOOD Day that the LORD has made and let rejoice and be glad in it.
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