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Cheryl Lee wrote on September 20, 2012
I discovered Gospel Impact in'08 and it was so encouraging to me during that season of my life. Then in '09 I could no longer access it because the job made some changes. Thank God for the Iphone, so I'm back and I was so glad to hear Dr. Myles teachings on the "kingdom" still going strong. The music is awesome, you rarely here the same selections. I thank God for you!!
juan jose gurdian wrote on September 19, 2012
hi and rich blessings from the LORD OUR GOD.thanks for very sweet ministri.i"m listening from san pablo ca trhu online radio.please keep shining with light of THE LORD JESUS.Blessings and peace.
Wanda Pointer wrote on September 02, 2012
Thank you Sista Shawn for all you are doing to get James P. on the map in the Gospel Music Industry, we know that you are about our Father's Business, and we love you and G.I.for opening up a new avenue for God's people to be bless!
Joe Russell wrote on August 20, 2012
What's up Sista Shawn, I hope all is well in your world and I encourage you to stay dtrong and true in your darkest hours, because He will see you through, much love....
Kristi Lee wrote on August 20, 2012
In love with this station! I sit at work visualizing that life God has for me and my fiance'. The playlist always takes me from feeling doubt to feeling joy and embracing the process that God is taking us through. It's by design that we must experience the "push" phase-we'll be able to hold on to the ultimate blessing! Thank you for this wonderful station.
EBONIELADY wrote on July 27, 2012
Sista Shawn is awesome! This station offers a lot of christian varity. I was a faitful listener for many years at work until my employer made changes. Now that I have upgraded my phone...I'M BACK! Sista Shawn will keep you in stitches, keep you grounded and on your toes! She is my Gospel Gangsta Sister in Please continue you listening and spread the word. Thanks sis and I can't wait to hear your voice
Jean L. Joseph wrote on July 11, 2012
May the Lord continue to prosper G.I as a ministry for the Kingdom by enlarging ya'll platform and extending ya'll territory to reach trillions for His name's sake- in Jesus name! Ps- looking forward to collaborating with ya'll; much love & keep doing what ya'll do Sista Shawn holla!
Dorothy Williams wrote on July 06, 2012
Hiya! I'm from London, UK and I stumbled across this station one dat at work over a year now and I love listening to this station. A couple of host I hve noticed that are no longer, they use to keep me going while at work but I still to listen and I just LOVE this station. Keep up the good work. A God Bless to you all. xx
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